dis|con|nect1 [ˌdıskəˈnekt] v
1.) [T]
to remove the supply of power, gas, water etc from a machine or piece of equipment
≠ ↑connect disconnect sth from sth
Always disconnect the machine from the mains first.
The family agreed to disconnect her life support system.
2.) [I and T]
to separate something from the thing it is connected to, or to become separated
≠ ↑connect disconnect from
Two freight cars disconnected from the train engine.
disconnect sth from sth
Disconnect part A from part D.
3.) [T]
to officially stop supplying a service, such as water, telephone, electricity, or gas, to a house or other building
≠ ↑connect
Eleven percent of households were disconnected for non-payment of bills.
4.) [I and T]
if you disconnect or become disconnected from your feelings, family, society etc, you no longer feel as though you belong or have a relationship with them
disconnect from
Divorced men can too easily become disconnected from their children.
5.) [T]
to break the telephone connection between two people
≠ ↑connect
>disconnection [-ˈnekʃən] n [U and C]
disconnect 2
disconnect2 n [singular]
when two people or groups no longer understand or have a relationship with each other
the disconnect between the ordinary public and the concerns of politicians

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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